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  • Did you receive a proposal for a settlement agreement for your dismissal? We can perform a legal che
  • Settlement agreements / UWV dismissal procedures / Ditrict Court procedures

Settlement agreement


If you have received from your employer a proposal or settlement agreement for dismissal by mutual consent, it is very wise to have it checked by a lawyer. Read more.   

You can mail the settlement agreement to info@primajurist.nl from your employer

Severance or termination compensation

In some cases, the employee, upon dismissal by the employer, is entitled to a severance payment . The severance pay is calculated by the District Court formula . The formula is valid until 1 July 2015, than it will change into the transitievergoeding. Read more.

Notice period


The length of your notice period and the length of the notice period your employer is required to use depend, on what is provided in your employment contract, the law or in the CAO (collective employment contract).

Upon conclusion of a settlement / termination agreement , you should consider the notice of the employer.

The term "aanzegtermijn" is used in fixed-term contracts. Read more about Notice period.

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